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  • Do I need to have developed a product or a solution before applying to Greenshot?
    At Greenshot, we embrace all types of climate impact projects. Ideally, we are looking for startups with a distinct value proposition and evidence of customer interest.
  • Do I need to have an established US company before participating in Greenshot or claiming prize money?
    You can apply to Greenshot without an established company. However, before the start of the program and to be eligible for prize money, you need to be a registered US entity.
  • Can I apply to Greenshot as the only member of my company?
    We prefer startups with two members of the founding team on board, but you can choose which team members regularly attend the programming. Single founders are welcome to apply.
  • Can I secure funding during Greenshot?
    Absolutely! Securing funding is a part of your startup's growth and we are here to support that. The Greenshot program includes expert coaching on how to pitch to VCs culminating in pitching to a group of the top climate VC’s. We also have programming on navigating government grants.
  • Do I need to relocate to Hanover? Is this a virtual program?
    We have tailored our hybrid program to be predominantly virtual over the three-month span, allowing you to engage from anywhere in the world. We believe in the synergy of face-to-face interactions, so we have reserved the opening and closing weekends for in-person meet-ups in Hanover, NH. This blend ensures you have flexibility without missing integral networking and learning opportunities. Join us and be a part of this worldwide climate solution initiative.
  • Is Greenshot open to everyone, or do I need to be affiliated with Dartmouth?
    Greenshot is open to everyone. You do not need to be affiliated with Dartmouth to apply or participate. Of course, the Dartmouth community is strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Who is the primary audience for Greenshot?
    The primary audience is entrepreneurs (including Dartmouth faculty) who are building climate solutions. We are looking for start-ups with at least two members of the leadership team on board and some proof of customer interest.
  • What kinds of climate solutions is Greenshot interested in?
    We are looking at impact and are broad-minded when it comes to tackling climate change. We are here to support you whether you are working on the latest carbon removal technologies or looking to improve climate education for the masses. Below are the major categories that we have defined, but we are open to any climate solution, so please do not hesitate to apply. Energy Transition Mobility Food and Agriculture Material Production and Supply Chain Decarbonization Carbon Utilization, Storage, and/or Removal Waste and Circularity Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Water Energy Justice and Social Impact Climate and Health Equity Other
  • What happens after the three month program?
    Even after the program concludes, your association with Greenshot and Dartmouth continues. As a graduate of the program, you remain a valued part of our community and will continue to have access to our networks and resources.
  • Does Greenshot take equity from participating startups?
    No, Greenshot does not demand any equity in exchange for participation in the program. Furthermore, team prizes (up to $75K) come with no equity requirement, making Greenshot a uniquely supportive platform for your startup's growth.
  • I am already super busy growing my business. Can I still fit Greenshot into my schedule?
    Greenshot is designed to support and propel your business. The topics we cover are key to business growth and should work support your core business. We do recommend planning to devote five hours per week to the program to take advantage of the expert mentors, speakers, and faculty experts available. Greenshot offers a high return on time investment.
  • Is there any exclusivity associated with the program?
    No, there is no exclusivity associated with the Greenshot program. We believe in fostering an open and collaborative environment that encourages cross-pollination of ideas and shared growth.
  • Are there specific milestones or deliverables expected from us during Greenshot?
    While the journey through Greenshot is customized to your unique startup, there are some common expectations. This includes considerable progress on your pitch and a comprehensive presentation for Demo Day. The goal is to help you communicate your vision and progress compellingly and effectively to potential investors and stakeholders. Our curriculum is designed to help accelerate your GTM positioning, customer discovery, scale your business, and financially prepare for the next phase of growth.
  • On what criteria will my application be evaluated for Greenshot?
    Applications are evaluated on climate impact (either direct or indirect), understanding of the market and customer needs, startup team background and commitment, and social impact.
  • What are the program expectations for startups?
    As a participant in the Greenshot program, we expect that you immerse yourself fully, seizing all the learning and growth opportunities available. This includes benefiting from our mentorship and networking avenues, attending our in-person opening and closing day events, and making the most of the resources at your disposal. Specifically, you should plan to attend the opening and closing weekends in person. You should plan on two hours of programming per week with up to five hours of devoted time with preparation, applying new tools to your business, and synchronizing with your mentor.
  • How long does the Greenshot program last?
    The Greenshot accelerator program spans a little over three months, from mid-January to mid-April 2024, culminating in an impactful Demo Day presentation to VCs in early May in New York City.
  • What is my expected weekly time commitment for Greenshot?
    While the amount of time you invest is up to you, we recommend a minimum commitment of five hours per week for the curriculum and mentoring meetings. This ensures you reap the maximum benefits from the program. Beyond that, it is entirely up to you how you wish to leverage the resources available through Greenshot.
  • How much time should I budget for the Greenshot application process?
    The application itself should take around 60 minutes, excluding pitch deck preparation. If you do not already have a pitch deck, it might take a few hours to get that ready.
  • What financial support does Greenshot provide to its participants?
    Greenshot proudly offers a chance for teams to win up to $75K prize. This prize will be determined by our Advisory Council on Demo Day.
  • We are primarily focused on finding customers right now. Could Greenshot be a distraction?
    Greenshot can be your accelerator in the customer discovery process. Our program's structure ensures your venture's direct interaction with three customer feedback sessions to help propel your growth. This accelerates your path to finding the right customers.
  • How does Greenshot facilitate non-monetary support for startups?
    Greenshot participants benefit immensely from access to Dartmouth's state-of-the-art facilities, such as innovative workspaces and dry labs. Furthermore, startups have the distinct advantage of direct engagement with three different customer panels in different industry sectors.
  • How does Greenshot create networking opportunities and avenues for potential investments?
    Networking is a cornerstone of the Greenshot experience. Our extensive network encompasses successful entrepreneurs, leading corporations, and high-profile climate VCs. We will help you tap into Dartmouth’s rich network since many of our alumni are interested in innovative climate solutions. Also on Demo Day, you will display your solutions to a receptive audience, including a vast pool of Dartmouth-associated investors.
  • Can I expect mentorship and specialized resources during my time at Greenshot?
    Absolutely. With Greenshot, you receive invaluable guidance from influential mentors on a weekly basis. This mentorship helps participants apply concepts from the curriculum directly to their business and provides a sounding board throughout the experience.
  • What makes Greenshot distinct compared to other programs?
    ·Beyond everything that has been already mentioned, our essence lies in the access and reach of the Dartmouth community: Community Advantage: Dartmouth, nestled in a small New England town, is one of the US's most nature-centric communities, boasts a population passionate about climate. Our alumni network comprises global climate leaders, making it a tremendous resource for Greenshot startups. Resource Excellence: Our participants get: Curriculum from top-tier business professors at Tuck School of Business and industry experts from the CleanTech Open. Insights from world-class climate entrepreneurs as guest speakers. Workspace access in our newly-constructed, state-of-the-art building at the heart of the campus. Access to engineering, business, and undergraduate students eager to work for a climate start-up and student consulting teams are available for projects.


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